cancer Zodiac Sign


Jun 21 - Jul 22
Cancer is the first constellation in summer and people born between June 22 and July 22 are under this astrological sign. Cancer is situated to the east of Gemini and to the west of Leo and it is symbolized through the Crab. Cancerians are sincere, faithful, kind-hearted, righteous and indomitable people. Also, they are emotional, sensitive, and suspicious and often feel insecure; they are hard to please and prone to hysteria. Male Cancerians are quite good men and attached to family; female Cancerians are very caring and maternal.

Element Properties

The Crab
Cardinal or Movable
Breast, Stomach, Uterus
Ireland, Holland, USA, Philippines, France, Portugal, Canada, Algeria, Scotland, Paraguay, Mauritius, Senegal

Lucky Elements

White, Silver, Silvery White
2, 6, 7, 8
East, North
Moon Flower, Lily, Epiphyllum, Jasmine, Lilies, Tuberose

Zodiac Horoscope

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Cancer Daily Horoscope


Today, your idea is more idealistic. There is nothing wrong with it, but it is easy to cause you to be too optimistic and forget to consider risk. You must grasp the scale, or you must have a sense.... Read More


Attaching great importance to family harmony
Excellent memory and smart
Perceptive and adaptable
Responsible and single-minded
Protective and prudent
Frugal, patriotic and good at managing family affairs
Imaginative and creative
Strong willpower and endurance
Nostalgic, tolerant, affectionate and loyal
Intuitive, considerate and caring
Cordial, warm and artistically talented
Excellent leadership and organization skills
Enthusiastic, sensitive and compassionate
Excellent financing concept and loyal to love
Strong maternal or paternal instinct
Thoughtful, kind and indomitable
Sincere and imaginative
Indirect and excessive self-protection awareness
Too kind-hearted, harsh and greedy
Jealous and Oedipus complex
Emotional and prone to hysteria
Moody and indecisive
Indulging in the past and unable to face the facts
Self-pity caused by excessive sensitivity
Too sentimental and roundabout
Suspicious, emotional and hard to please
Too serious towards life and making it boring

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Cancer Love Compatibility

No.1: Cancer & Pisces
You are a harmonious match as both of you are water signs and give priority to love; your relationship is just like a love film full of touching plots. From the same longing for love at the beginning to taking each other as the right one, you will make great efforts to make each other secure and maintain the relationship carefully.

No.2: Cancer & Scorpio
Instead of expressing love with words, you two may keep silent but still can read the mind of each other. Due to the similar mind, you can be considerate to each other and enjoy the mature love freely. The passionate and romantic Scorpio can definitely satisfy the Cancer’s demand. Since both of you are water signs, you are sensitive and intuitive and have similar personality and outlook on life, thus often feel like-minded. Such kind of feeling often makes you have a crush on each other at the very beginning and start the relationship naturally. Therefore, you are a speed-dating match fully devoted to each other.

No.3: Cancer & Cancer
With the same traits, you are a perfect match! Since both of you are under the water and feminine sign, you are very introverted and hide many feelings deep in your heart; you are sensitive and often unhappy because of petty things, thus make the other with an unstable mood also unhappy. The strong maternal and family-oriented traits will make you get married immediately after your relationship is stable and you believe life will be perfect once you give birth to children as early as possible. While living together, you can take care of and depend on each other.

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What are obstacles in love for Cancer
Consensus! The cancers are easy to give up if their love can’t get everyone's recognition, appreciation and support. As a group with conventional characteristic, any relationship which is despised by others will be a torment in their heart. And then they will wish to give it up. - See obstacles in love for other Signs

No. 1 Traits

Emotional, considerate, roundabout and vigilant in peace time
Sensitive, annoyed, emotional and sentimental
Iron lady, protective and devoted to love
Shy, irritable, conservative and humane
Homely, kind, caring, prudent and gentle
Good at cooking, loyal, acting impetuously and imaginative
Self-criticizing, self-effacing, family-oriented and infatuated
Feminine, sympathetic, filial and softhearted
Persistent, persevering, hysteric, tough and meticulous
Nostalgic, frugal, purposeful, indomitable and homely
Creative, shy, responsible and insecure

Career for Cancer

Cancers are usually very careful. They check and examine every details of products. They firmly have their principles while doing something and they never let their conscience down. Cancers want to feel at ease in life so they will be strict with the quality of products in quality inspection. But they will easily become emotional. They will be stricter with the product when they are in a bad mood and vice versa. Facing the occupation, Cancers should better calm their emotion. - See Career for other Signs

The Mythology of Cancer

The sensitive and affectionate Cancer is a symbol of maternity. The posture of arms in front of the chest shows the mother's nature of protecting children. However, it also has another symbolic meaning: the baby in arms represents the helpless and weak ego while the arms in front of the chest show the Cancerian's strong self-protection awareness...Click to read more about the the Mythology of Cancer.